How VR/AR games work exactly?

I know that VR requires a VR headset, and AR works like on the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, buy I’ve read somewhere that you can play VR/AR games on the Phab 2 PRo, so how it’s supported exactly?

I believe that it’s the combination of the two. You where the phone inside a headset of some sort, but the scene that you view is the actual physical space viewed by the camera, and the gameplay used AR technology inside the game, it just that the field of view is consumed by the phone’s screen when it’s in front of your face.

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As Lili said, it work by utilizing both a VR headset and the AR features of the phone.

I also wanted to add that no every VR headset support VR/AR of course. For example, the Kaiser Baas VR-X headset does support it, because you can slide the front toe reveal a space for the camera to capture a view of the environment. The same goes to merge VR that has a hole in the front for the camera.

I thought that the VR headset was supposed to obscure your vision, so how exactly both work. I think it’s either VR or AR, not both.