How to Reset View with Oculus Quest 2?

I’m sure it happened to you at least once where you get either in-game content to appear not in front of where you are looking at or the app drawer appears somewhere else than the direction you are facing.

Well, there are several ways to solve this.

if it’s the app drawer dashboard you want to change its location. You can just point the cursor toward the dashboard and hold the grip button and drag it around. Release the trigger to ‘drop’ it.

If you want to reset the video entirely, you can go to Settings > Quick Actions and choose the ‘Reset View’ icon. When you press that button, the view will stick to the direction you are looking at. Tap ‘Confirm’ to set it in place. Here is a video guide that explains how to do it.

The last option is to just reset the Guardian. Resetting the guardian can help with in-game centering issues and also height issues. You reset the floor height and the view direction.

Here is how to do it.

These are the available options. Hope you find it useful.