How to record full dome 360 video game?

hi all

I recently purchase the vive headset and pretty happy to play my DCS flight simulator and FSX.

I really want to record my flights as a 360 movie so others could expirience it in VR. untill now I didn’t found anything that can record the full 360 game.

the only way to record, for now, is the mirror capture and this is not good for me.

Is there any other solution? I think it has to be cause the game is already render in real time so I could probably record it somehow.



I will look into it and see if I can find other solutions. From what I know, there isn’t any good solution, but a friend of mine is an expert in this, maybe he can help.

thank you.

I really appreciate your help.


I don’t think that there is any easy solution for that. I also searched for the same thing but came out empty.

I’m also interested in knowing that.

Any news regarding this?