How severe is the PlayStation VR screen door effect?

I wondered how severe is the PS VR screen door effect. From what I"ve read, the PSV VR has 386 pixel density, which is relatively low compared to the Oculus Rift (461 ppi) and HTC Vive (447 ppi). How bad is it, and do you notice it when playing games?

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I’m also interested knowing how visible are the pixels. I’ve heard that it’s almost impossible to see the pixel, but I haven’t seen any side by side comparison. I think people just can’t take photos of the screen with a camera, if it was possible ,we would have had a comparison by now. I think the only way to really know is to try the headset yourself.

update: I found this video that shows the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive pixelation / screen door effect, a side by side comparison.

You can see that it’s pretty bad. Here is another videos showing the screen door effect on the HTC Vive.

I assume that this would be more prominent on the PSVR due to its inferior screen resolution, but maybe the display technology makes a difference, I don’t know. I found more information I’ll keep you posted.

I think that the screen door effect is more related to the subpixels. Which means that the more the subpixels, the less visible the SDE should be. It also more visible on bright scenes (especially on white). If it was really a big issue, I don’t think people would have touched the PSVR. Remember these are first generation consumer headsets, and next generation ones will be much better.

I don’t know how the SDE on the PS VR is, but it is a problem with the first-gen VR headsets. Even if it’s slightly visible, it’s still like a having a very subtle net between your eyes and the screen. It can really degrade the overall experience, because you want to feel like you are inside the virtual world, instead you feel like you are watching it through a dirty window.

A 4K screen is definitely the best choice, but we probably going to get this in the next iteration of devices. I Googled the term “Screen door effect PS VR” but couldn’t find any article that shows an image or giving much thought about it.

Coming with an update…


“No more pronnounced on this (PSVR) than the Rift or Vive” (7:02 min), "
“You can obviously see it…” (7:19 min)

Only noticeable on lighter colors, not in dark areas. It’s also more squarish, not circular as the Vive, like a grid.

I think that this topic needs an answer. I hope @psvrworld can shed some new light on this. You can message him and ask him.

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Sorry to be a let down, but i haven’t really looked into the hardware side of the headsets and i haven’t even tried other headsets on the market :frowning: