How many ships I can have and inventory limit in No Man's Sky

Do you guys know how many ships can I have in No Man’s Sky and if there is an inventory limit? I saw a video today that mentioned that I can only have one ship, but I can change to another but then I lose the previous one. I also don’t know about inventory limitation, whether I can farm for resources without worrying about not having space in the inventory. Thanks.

I am interested to know that as well. Assuming that you have heavily upgraded your Fighter ship and now you want to be an explorer and buy and explorer ship, what happens to your first ship, good question.

I’ve read in one wiki that you can trade your ship with another ship that lands in the space station, but that’s all I know so far. Regarding the inventory, I don’t know either, I just hope that it’s not like Destiny, which was hell to manage.

OK, I’ve read on Reddit that it’s one ship at a time, you can’t own more than one ship. The question is when you trade your ship with another, if you get more gold, especially if that ship is already upgraded.