How do you text in VR, Any speech-to-text solution for VR?

I play many games in which I am texting with other people in chats and there are many occasions that I prefer texting than using voice chat to communicate with other people when playing a game. Now that your vision is completely obscured by the headset with no way to use a keyboard to text, how exactly do we suppose to communicate, only by voice?

Is there any technology that mimics the text chat in VR, like voice-to-text voice recognition software of some sort? It’s very essential for some multiplayer games, and it’s just fun. I hope that there is a solution for this.

There are a lot of speech-to-text software for the PC, but I’ve never heard about SPT solution for VR. Maybe you are on a verge of a great startup. Can actually be a pretty good idea, because you can see the text on the screen the same as on regular display. Sometimes I also do prefer messaging than using voice. People can be really nasty sometimes.

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