HOVR - hoverboard racing game for GearVR


This is my first post on here so better make it count :slight_smile:

I’m part of the team that created HOVR - HOVR is a 3rd person racing game for GearVR and our first venture into VR gaming so any feedback you have would definitely be appreciated as they are what have gotten us this far! The game is featured currently under Gallery Apps.

Here’s the official game trailer to know more about the story behind the game:


Really excited to meet you all on here and to be an active player in this supportive VR forum :slight_smile:
Have a great one and thanks for checking us out!



Hi @Lara_Noujaim , welcome - we love having developers here and their representatives. I think I’ve heard about the game somewhere, and luckily for me I have the Gear VR. The game looks so cute and cool, I’m definitely going to try it out. By the way, are you the developer of the game?

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Hi Lara, nice to meet you. I’m thinking of buying it. Can you please tell me if this game just driving on hoverboard avoiding obstacles, any power-ups or progression in this game?


It looks like a racing game and it is mentioned in the Oculus page that there are power-ups, and the game rewards you for pulling out stunts. @OldButEvolved, just read the game’s description on the Oculus page that she linked to.

I love to hear about more companies diving into the VR game development world, it’s very exciting to discover those new technologies and see what you can come up with, be creative and the VR technology actually encourages you to be creative.

On Twitter it say something about submitting the game to Google VR, does it mean that it will be on Daydream at launch on November 11th?

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Hey! Thank you for your kind welcome and message :slight_smile: No I am not the developer - I play the role of spreading the word as far and wide as I can! Pls let me know when you do try it out, we will start working on updates very soon so feedback is very helpful!

It will be available on Google Daydream soon - just not on launch date (still didn’t get on hands on our Google Daydream headset yet! As soon as we do will let you know :slight_smile: Happy to hear your positive comments and honestly HOVR being our first game, feels like we just tested the waters with what is possible through VR. After launching HOVR through Daydream we plan on exploring other platforms - HTC or Playstation we have yet to decide!

The game includes a power-up system with upgrades, a scoring system reliant on session time and tricks/jumps performance and upgradable characters… Won’t give out too much information as I would like you to discover those on your own in the game :slight_smile: Let me know when you get a chance to try it would love to get your feedback.

@ Everyone: sorry for the numerous messages - note to self, will try to keep to compile replies to a few messages rather than mass messaging and spamming you :slight_smile:

One more thing - watch this HILARIOUS reaction to the game I had the pleasure of recording this past weekend


ROLF, this is the most hilarious videogame-related video I’ve ever seen, OK, second, this one is the funniest, about No Man’s Sky. Lara, are they playing your game? It looks like they are playing together, or it just looks like they are communicating in-game.

If it’s for your game, you should make a trailer out of this, people will buy they game just by wanting to see what entertaining people so much :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Lara the game looks great… well, at least by just judging by the trailer, unfortunately, I don’t have the Gear VR headset, I would have loved to play it. I see you also invested in a back story, this is highly admired, many Gear VR developers don’t give it much thought. I love a back story in a game, makes even a simple game feels less shallow and more entertaining. Thanks for letting us know about the game. I have friends who have the GearVR, I’ll tell them to check it out.

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Is this game has a multiplayer, I mean, can I compete against other players online, or is it just a single-player game? That would be so cool.

@Lara_Noujaim, does HOVR has a global leaderboard, so I can compare my score against those of other people, or is it just a local leaderboard.

Hi @Lara_Noujaim, first of all welcome to the forum, it’s great to have VR enthusiasts with us.

I wanted to say that I am very impressed wit HOVR, you guys know exactly what you are doing, and considering its your first game, I’m really looking forward to see what you are going to come with next.

Check out out our first impressions and I wish you good luck with the launch of the game on Gear VR.

BTW: The game will also appear on the front page of our website in the image slider. If it’s doesn’t appear yet, it’s because the cache isn’t refreshed yet, so it should appear very shortly.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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hahaha that one’s good!! They are indeed playing HOVR :slight_smile: But not together as the game is not multiplayer. But you are right, will share this with more people - something like this could go viral :slight_smile:

@DestinyProSniper - glad you liked it and thanks for helping spread the word! If you hear any feedback from your friends make sure to share it on here - would love to know what they think of the game. And make sure to let them know to give their honest review on the store! The game does not currently have a multiplayer component.

@vimvim - it is a global leaderboard!


@SpookyFairy - thank you, I feel very welcome :slight_smile: So happy to hear you liked HOVR!! You guys have no idea how much we appreciate such comments - we really poured our hearts into this game. The entire team really enjoyed the article and they all thank you for the great review - a big motivator to keep working hard on it. Will keep you posted on updates.


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ROLF, this is the most hilarious videogame-related video I’ve ever seen, OK, second, this one2 is the funniest, about No Man’s Sky.

HAHAHA!! That’s the funniest video I’ve seen in such a long time!
It’s so true, I think I got too excited for the game… I pre-ordered it and everything, and just found it repetitive… The game is pretty cool though, it just needs a lot of patience and loads of time…


Awesome game, I really liked it and congratulations for your first VR game, I"ll keep an eye on your next game.

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