Horizon Of History an education VR experience that worth a look

Horizon Of History is really a unique virtual reality experience with some gameplay mechanics. When I browse through the games on Steam, I really want to see some innovation, a game that really brings something else to the table, and Horizon of History is among one of those games.

The game takes you on a journey through key eras in the history of Poland’s capital city, Warsaw. You are positioned on top of a landmark building where you have a virtual time machine which you can use to initiate the time travel. You use a virtual time machine that will take you to see some panoramic views of Warsaw as it was in the 11th century, through World War 2 until the present days.

Horizon of History is an educational experience, but it also integrates some gameplay mechanics in which you can use different weapons from different eras and hit targets with it.

A cool educational experience that certainly worth a look. This is a room-scale VR experience that requires a VR headset to play, just keep that in mind.

You can find more information on the official website and on Steam.