Hoops VR released for HTC Vive

Hoops VR was added to our HTC Vive game list. Hoops VR was developed to take full advantage of the Vive tracked motion controllers for full immersion gameplay experience. Although some VR games try to innovate and come up with unique VR gameplay mechanics, Hoops VR keeps it simple and let you use the motion controllers to shoot basketballs into hoops with natural physical motion, like in real life.


It’s not a regular basketball game, but more of an arcade style basketball game where players need to shoot the balls into (and other types of objects like fruits in the bonus Garbage mode or paper airplanes in the bonus Paper-Airplane mode) into basketball hoops that dynamically appear in front of the player.

It’s exactly the type of room-scale VR game that I wanted to play. It reminds me playing the physical arcade basketball hoop machine in my town, and every time I go there with my girlfriend we are having tons of fun. The developer., Wizard Games Inc took this game and improved upon it, making it even more fun and challenging at the same time, and you can also play it locally against your friends. It also has a global leaderboard to keep you motivated to play more and break your own score.

As of the time of writing the game costs $8.49 on Steam (after -15% discount), so head on to Steam and check it out: http://store.steampowered.com/app/487770/

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Believe me, those simple room-scale VR games are more fun to play than all the triple A games. I think that’s one of the biggest issues for Oculus Rift right now, that they didn’t release their controller yet. I’ve checked out Steam and there are tons of roomscale VR games out there. I’ve decided to buy the Oculus Rift mainly because of the ergonomics and the Oculus Touch controller design, which I liked better and I don’t mind waiting for the controllers to come out. I’m sure that many of the motion controller based games will be released for Oculus when the Touch controllers are released.

I think it’s great indie developers get so much exposure in the VR gaming industry. I think that without them VR wouldn’t able to progress forward at a reasonable pace. Now every consumer who buys the HTC Vive has a very large selection of affordable games to play and don’t rely only on triple-A titles.

If I am not wrong, Wizard Games developed mostly iOS and Android games and this is their first PC title. Wait let me check… Yep, this is their first Steam VR title. You get the best experience from these type of games. You are static, which doesn’t cause motion sickness, but you still enjoy your hand’s physical interaction within the game. I’ve read many reviews about VR games, and many of them usually favored room-scale gameplay, these are also the ones that Vive players are interested the most. If you are already invested in a room-scale VR system, you want to enjoy it to its fullest.