Hide & Spooky The Haunted Alchemist is an amazing party game!

I highly recommend checking out Hide & Spook: The Haunted Alchemist. It’s a party game for 3 players. One is playing as the alchemist with the VR headset, while the other two players, each one using a single tracked controller to move their ghost characters across the lab. The ghosts goal is to extinguish all the candles in the room, while the alchemist goal is to stare at each ghost for a few seconds in order to catch it. If the alchemist catches all ghosts, he wins, if the ghosts able to extinguish all the candles, they win.

There are more information available in our preview. It’s a free game, so don’t miss that one out!

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Thanks for sharing, look like an amazing game!

Looks like a really god game, really innovative in the way they used the controllers in the game.