Hey Mirror H2 headset - a VR headset?

Have you guys hears about this Hey Mirror H2 headset for watching movies. From what I’ve red, it comes with dual 0.7-inch OLED display with 2MP and 3147 ppi. It uses 12 resin aspheric optical system and offers 52-degree equivalent distance of 15 meters t o800 inches giant screen.

You can charge the battery for three hours and you can watch about 5 films under a single battery charge. The whole pleasure costs 3999 yuan.

Hey Mirror H2 headset

My question is, can it play VR?

Wow, it’s exciting, but sorry I don’t know. I think it can’t )

I really love the design, I wish all VR headset would look like that and not like a milk box on top of your face.