Guys at Business Insider seems to love PSVR

Just came after watching a video on Business Insider employees trying out the new PlayStation VR headset and it looks like they are really having fun. The more videos I watch of people trying the new headset, the more I am encouraged buying it. I give it a week or so after launch just to be sure, but no doubt that people who first try it are into a completely difference gaming experience.

Check the video here:

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I just can’t hear about PSVR anymore, I just wait for it to come out and try it myself. I’ve been burned before when buying into new technologies on day one, but I have no doubt in my mind that it will be very popular.

I already pre-ordered it as a gift to my brother for his birthday. I wanted to buy one for myself, but we are playing on the same console, so instead of buying it for myself, gave it as a present. My brother will be super excited, and of course I’ll be able to play it as well! :slight_smile:

One day guys, one day! so excited. I really want to see the reaction of the community to this new headset and hear about the first experiences.