Growing popularity of VR

The developing accessibility of virtual reality (VR) and expanded reality (AR) gadgets will offer development open doors for various part suppliers, including sensors, infrared (IR)/laser transmitters and LED chips, as indicated by Digitimes Research.

Since the VR stage items intended for arcade machines and PCs require a high level of immersive impact furthermore weight on situating, following and intelligent functionalities, these stages require more sensor parts, said Digitimes Research .

The VR/AR equipment frameworks additionally need to use various 6-to 9-pivot inertial estimation units (IMUs) as the essential component for somatosensory control.

The VR head-mounted presentation (HMD) gadgets likewise require the establishment of more MEMS parts and IR/LED detecting segments to recognize the positions and developments of an objective, Digitimes Research included.
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Is it a google cardboard compatible headest?

I guess by next month when the PlayStation VR is out, we’ll know how popular Vr will be. For me, the PSVR will be a good indication of how Vr will be adapted by gamers in the upcoming years.

So many VR games for play this week, don’t know which one to play first :slight_smile:

You know, I’ve read somewhere that Apple prefer betting on Augmented Reality, rather than VR, so mt might see some new AR hardware + software next year. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t any VR announcement when the iPhone 7 was announced, oh well, maybe next year.

When the PSVR comes out, I think we’ll get a better picture how popular VR is going to become in 2017.

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I also wonder how fast PS4 players will adapt this new VR system. Many people are afraid to try out new technologies and prefer to wait to see how the market adapts to it, what games there are, before jumping and spending their money on this new technology.

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Trust me, PSVR is going to sell like cupcakes. PS4 players are craving for something new. They don’t want to wait another 5 years to enjoy what current technologies outside the PS4 can offer. PS4 Pro is on step towards that goal and PSVR is fundamentally going to revolutionize your gaming experience. There is just isn’t anything else interesting coming up anytime soon, your best bet to improve your gaming experience is to get one or two of these new offerings. If I had to choose one, I will go with the PSVR, because it brings up new type of experiences, while the PS4 Pro just improves current experiences, graphics wise.

It’s already popular is so it seems.

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Reviews are looking pretty good right now 7+.

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PSVR is heading for a good start, which is great. There are plenty of games gamers can play on day one and this will just get better and better.

You guys tell me, is 50,000 pieces in Japan is a good number, seems really low.

I think many people are waiting for the holiday season, this will give us a better understanding about the demand for the PSVR.

I agree, but from what we can tell by the early selling figures in Japan, the headset is very popular.

Agree with your post!

Sony looked to have ignored PSVR for most of 2017 and everyone was beginning to think it was a flop. But when the company was celebrating PlayStation VR’s first anniversary, Sony came out swinging. So far, 2 new PSVR bundles have been released, including a Gran Turismo one, and Sony also revealed hundreds of upcoming PSVR games, including loads of upcoming PSVR games 2108 has in store for gamers on the platform. All indications are that virtual reality gaming will be successful, its just a matter of time.
However, this means that for the second year running, we’re sitting here watching to see how well the system will do again this holiday season :slightly_smiling_face: