Great protective case for Oculus Quest 2

Hi guys. Because I travel a lot, I needed a case to store my Oculus Quest 2. I didn’t want just to put it in a suitcase. I decide to order a protective case on eBay and got it a week ago.

This case is just perfect for the Quest or Quest 2. I used it for Quest 2. It’s durable and has delicate fiber on the inside to protect the equipment from scratches.

It can hold the Quest 2 headset, 2 controllers, the Oculus Link VR cable with ease and there is room for more things.

At the top video you can actually see how it looks like. It’s tiny but everything sits inside nicely.

I highly recommend this Quest 2 case for everyone looking for a good and cheap case for the Oculus Quest 2. I bought it for 15 euros on eBay.