Gem Monster - an Independent Game for gear vr

I‘'m an indie developer, My new vr game gem monster now is published in oculus store.
support touch pad and controller.

and here is the game play video:
Gem monster gameplay

Gem monster also will be published on steam later this year.

If you like it and want redeem code you can contact me via the email show in oculus store.

Thank you for sharing the information.

I really love the idea of the monsters being made of candies and the open blue sky environment really compliments the overall design - great work!

I’m really happy you like it. Now I’m just try to push it onto vive. and you can get the latest info on my twitter

It would be amazing to play it on the Vive. do you intend to add tracked motion controller support?

Yes, It can play on vive now, also support vive controller. Maybe later this year you can download it on steam.

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