Gear VR game recommendations?

Hey guys,
I live in Lebanon and there’s this company that showcased their latest/first VR game on the Gear VR which made me want to buy the gear for myself!
(In case you guys want to check it out here’s the link of the gameplay: )
So do you guys recommend any other games that I could try on the Gear that has similar gameplay?
I’ve checked out a couple I found on different forums, but they all seem to be a specific type (where you go around from room to room to find clues, but no specific action until the end of the experience)
I was hoping you guys could help me out… :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance!
Happy Gaming!


You mean like a fast-paced arcade style games?

Action type of games…mmm…, I really liked Smash Hit, Eve Gunjack and Proton Pulse, have you tried them already?

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i’ve played smash hit and as cool as the game is in VR, considering ive already mastered it on my phone, i was able to complete it all in one sitting…
Ill check out the rest and let you know (i’m gonna put ur knowledge to the test :slight_smile: )

Did you check my username LOL… says it all.

Try Winter Fury World War II It just came out. FPS and 3rd person Tank game.

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Check out the games that have the “Game Award” icon in the Gear VR category section on this website.