Gear VR and force feedback

Hi. I’m trying to buy a new bluetooth controller for gear vr. Im looking for one that has force feedback. Will force feedback actually work with gear vr games? I’ve heard the steel series xl is the recommended controller, but I don’t think it has force feedback.


It doesn’t have Force Feedback and I don’t know anyone who actually does have haptic feedback that was designed to work with Android. Furthermore, there suppose to be an API for that for the game to initialize that feedback and to a certain amount. So even if there was (I still need to search further), the game has to support it. It doesn’t just makes haptic feedback in random times in the game, it has to be programmed to work for certain type of in-game actions.

all I know is about Tactical Haptics’ Reactive Grip motion controller and that it works with Unity so it might support Android as well, not just PC, but as @VR-Gamer said, it has to be supported by the software/game. Have you heard about any Android game that does support haptic feedback - it’s better to start from there before searching for a controller, because if there isn’t any game with that support, there is no need for a controller, and if there is one, you probably will find information about supported controllers there - make sense?

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@ VR-Gamer: I didn’t mean for every game. Kinda figured that it has to support it. Just didn’t know if there was any that did and if the Gear VR would allow it to work.

@Lili92 and @ VR-Gamer: Thanks for the feedback.

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I’m pretty sure this year we are going to see quite a few controllers with haptic feedback, there are a lot of investment in companies that specialize in haptic technologies. Maybe in late 2017, but it can even be in 2018, it take sometime to develop, test and make sure those technologies are ready for prime time.

Thank you everyone for your feedback.

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