Gamejam, It's Amazing!

I have recently attended G-NEXT Game Jam about a week ago. It’s a game jam that is organized at the Startup Campus in Pangyo Gyeonggi-do of Korea. The theme of the gamejam was SUMMER STORY. All the games at the event were inspired by this word. Some gamedevelopers created a game about the Rio Olympics, others (2 developers, actually) created a game about mosquito’s. I must say that the games that I saw at the game jam were quite amazing. All of them looked really good, I have seen so many good games at the event.

Mosquito VR is an game that is really funny and also has mosquito’s as a common theme. It’s a VR game where you are a mosquito that is trying to suck the blood out of a human. You hide in and around furniture, waiting for your human to walk by. Right now the game was a bit clunky, but I see high potential for the game. It was already so much fun trying to hit the human without dying.

When you’re in Korea, definitely check out the indie scene here. It’s quite amazing to experience it.

Check it out: Game Jolt Jams


You know what the funny thing is, that I planned to travel to Seoul next month, petty, if I only knew… It’s great to see developers gathering around and showcasing their new VR games. Thanks for sharing and if there are more gathering like this, please do share.