Funny glitch in Battlefield 1

Happened to me today. I spawned under the map in Sinai Map in Battlefield 1 and continued falling forever.

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LOL, it happened to me in BF3 and BF4, why they can’t fix this bug already.

Happened to me as well. Just redeploy and that’s it. There are other bugs, and I hope they will fix most of them by the time the game is officially released. Overall great beta, I really enjoyed playing Sinai Desert map.

Yeh, there were quite a few bugs, hopefully they’ll fixed everything by the time the game launches.

The only thing that kept me buying the PSVR in the first month is Battlefield 1. I know I’ll spend a lot of time on this game, so I delayed my PSVR purchase for a month or so, just to fully enjoy BF1 when it gets out.

Why Battlefield 1 had to come shortly after VR, damn, if I could afford buying all of them, but I know that I have to play it, a big fan of the series.