Frontier zero-gravity FPS heading to PlayStation VR

I have to say that I was really amazed when I saw the Frontier trailer. Finally we get to have an evolutionary installment of the classic FPS genre. The games looks really impressive to say at least. I love the atmospheric visuals, the weapon design, the sounds effects in space and of course, the zero-gravity gameplay.

The Frontier trailer speaks for itself, so have a look.


Triple-A quality no doubt about it, judging by the graphics. To be honest, it does remind me some of the new COD footage. It seems like they were inspired by the movie Gravity from 2013. I like the planet landscape at the back (is it Earth?) and it’s coming to PlayStation VR, so it gets 10 extra points for me. Do you know when they plan to release it?

Instead of buildings you have satellites and space stations. I think they were able to boost the model visuals because there aren’t many objects to render in the scene. Most of what I’ve seen is a few structure models, space debris, the weapon and the character models. Most of the polygons and texture quality goes for the ones that we see. Looks awesome, especially if that’s PS4 footage that we see.

Wow, I’m very impressed.Do you know if it’s a PS4 exclusive?