Frogger in VR - VRogger Greenlit by Steam community

I have to admit, I am excited every time someone revives an old classic game. Today I was thrilled to read about VRogger, which is the VR version of Frogger, the iconic arcade game from 1981. The original title was developed by Konami and published by Sega but brought to life in VR by Sysdia Games. The game doesn’t follow the same name obviously due to copyright reasons, but the game mechanics are the same.

So what’s the different you ask? Well, it’s a room-scale VR game, in which the player himself needs to jump in order to avoid obstacles and successfully cross the road from one side to the other.

Yeh, nothing fancy, and for some people it might look a bit awkward, for those who remember the classic Frogger game, this certainly brings some great memories. Check out this gameplay video.

Here is the original title Frogger from 1981, oh boy I loved this game.

The game has been Greenlit by Steam community, and being developed for the HTC Vive.

I remember playing Frogger myself when I was a child, so hey, I’ll be suer to get one copy myself, I’m very nostalgic about those games :heart_eyes_cat:

:smile: Frogger in VR, I just hope that they use they same sound effects.

With all the Vive power and capabilities, what developers are making, a Frogger game :laughing: - just saying.