Free VR headset by TekGear - real or not?

Apperently,a company called TekGear is selling a free VR headset called “FreeHMD” for free, yes free. You can find more information about it on their website I wonder if it’s real or a fraud?

Have you looked at the shipping cost? for me is costs $160 (didn’t order though). It looks like an email mining website because it saves the information when you move to the next step, so even if you don’t order, they still have all your information. I would be very careful before ordering something from this website, there is nothing free in this world. Just imagine how much money they can make by just harvesting email of people that are interested in VR and sell that information. I don’t even see a privacy link. Very suspicious.

Yes, That is how the collect people’s information for future email marketing
The shipping cost is USD100 to Australia.
I will not order it