Finch - new VR controllers with hand and finger tracking

As we just thought that Gear VR and Daydream games will be less interesting due to their limited controllers, here comes Finch and showcases its mobile VR controller for the Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Daydream. These controllers are anything we’ve seen before. It wraps around your hand and has three cables that attack to your index, thumb and middle finger and obviously supports more unique gestures even compared to the ones we are used to in Vive and Rift controllers.

These controllers really look like ones that can really have an impact on future games developed for these headsets, especially for the upcoming Daydream platform. The great thing about them is that you don’t need to hold the controller in your hand, so it’s much more comfortable to use. There are also more portable, so you can carry them around with you in a small bag wherever you go.

With fingers and the hand being tracked, this allow more natural gestures to be used in games, whether you are playing a shooter, spellcasting game, sports games or interacting with objects using your hands in the virtual world. Picking up objects will now be more intuitive and immersive.

The Finch controllers features a finger, upper arm and wrist sensor, as well as a mini touchpad on the index finger. There is a dedicated Finch API/SDK to allow developers to build games for these new controllers. There is already a gallery showcasing some games developed for the Finch like a first person shooter, a boxing game and more coming soon.

You can find more information about this mobile controllers on


Wow, this looks amazing. Looks so more intuitive and comfortable than the Oculus Touch. The only thing I like about the Rift and Vive controllers is the feel when playing first person shooters. They just need to convince developers that this is the technology of the future and for that to happen, developers need to come up with some good games for it, so more people will be tempted to buy one. You haven’t mention that it also works with PC and it’s not just for VR, just saying.

Look like we find a controller that can become the mainstream!