Fantastic Contraption PSVR Early game build gameplay

Fantastic Contraption was released by accident in the UK recently. An early build was uploaded to the playstation store and i bought it before it was removed later that day. I have played quite a few hours of it and have very much enjoyed my experience so far with it, so much so that i would already recommend it to anyone who likes creating game.

If you want to see some gameplay of it, i’ve made a youtube video.

I have put so many hours into little big planet and love these types of games. It is so incredible being able to make stuff in a virtual workspace, you can get lost in there for hours. Do you like these types of games too? I would love to know!


I was interested to see how it would play on the PSVR compared to a room-scale on the Vive. Do you also have the Vive/Rift version, can you compare the two?

That intro for your vid is so cool :slight_smile: You are lucky being able to get it. How fluid are the controls?

I don’t have either of them unfortunately. I would love to own them, but they are quite expensive lol especially with the pc having to be a powerful beast. The psvr version is meant to be played seated. You can lean in far into the workspace, so i would imagine it would be possible to stand and walk around the table, I’m not 100% sure though as i have not tried it yet.

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Thanks! I do try :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, i was very thankful lol It was a title that i have been waiting for a long time, as i really enjoy creation games. The controls are very good, even for an early build. In the first hours i did have trouble with knowing when two objects had connected properly, but after a while i got more used to it. The controls are certainly not a problem with this game and feel very fluid, as you navigate around the virtual work space.

This is an amazing game, but if I am remember correctly, this game was designed from the ground up for room-scale. It’s great that they work to bring it for PSVR. It’s funny how they put it up on the store and people just grabbed it while they could. The PSVR library fills up pretty nicely, although I would like to see more multiplayer social games. You know, one of my favorite VR games is Ubisoft’s Werewolves Within. I just love social VR games and we just don’t have enough of those.

Make some more great videos, I love your channel and subscribed! :grinning:

Yeah, i believe you are right in saying it was built for room-scale. The PSVR version has been in development for quite a long time and they have a relatively small team making the game. I agree, i love being in a virtual world with other players, it feels so unreal, like in the sports bar vr title. It feels great where you can move around the 3d environment with other players and can dynamically enter a game of pool together.

I’ll try and keep the quality of them up lol and thanks!! and welcome to the family!

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