Escape Bloody Mary: VR Escape Room for Halloween

Escape Bloody Mary just launched on Steam! It is a little horror escape room experience that is perfect for Halloween! Check it out


Thanks for the head up, I’ll add it shortly to the index.

Beautiful game, well made horror experience!

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Thanks for the review Spooky, I’ll download it today after work. BTW, I’ve heard that you play GWENT, can we play against each other? PM me.

Yes, I’m playing in about and hour from now. I’ll send you a message once I start playing.

Great little gem, I really liked the game. A few graphics glitches, but nothing to worry about, highly recommended.

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Agree, worth the price, very fun experience.

Its very awesome game.

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Agree, one of the most unique games I’ve played lately. Love the tight space and the gameplay mechanics, nothing like that.

Any chance for Escape Bloody Mary 2 or a DLC, we want more of it !