End Space PSVR Review

End Space is a space combat spaceship shooting game. You can upgrade you ship with some upgrades and the missions do try to be varried.
Take a look at my in depth review to find out more.


Please let me know your thoughts on the review and the game itself :slight_smile:

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LOL that space suit. The looks like an Eve Valkyrie -like game. Many people praise this game and I wonder how it is compared to EV. I’ve read that multiplayer is currently in development, so I’m not sure it’s fair to compare the two, at least not just yet. If you played both, can you share your experience in playing both? Thanks. Oh, say hi to Bee from me.

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What’s wrong with my space suit :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never played eve, but i must get around to doing so, i’ve only heard good things about it.

Did u mean they praise End Space? If so, it did receive a lot of high scores, but that was for the mobile version and i can imagine that it would be impressive on mobile, but as a console game, it just isn’t the best of quality.

Beep says hello :stuck_out_tongue:

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