Egg Time - Free VR game

Hi guys,

I know that this might be considered as some sort of spam, but it’s not :slight_smile:

I had created a small VR game, fancy or big , but might be fun for few minutes.

If you are on Steam and liking it, please consider giving me a “Thumb UP” …
In case the game will be greenlit, I will add new levels and ton of fun stuff.

Download of alpha version (v 0.87) can be found on the steam web page.

f you have something nice to say, please leave some comments, if not I also welcome constructive criticism.


I’ll check it out today! Thanks

Looks cool, thanks for sharing, downloading it now.

Amazing game, you really got it right, I really enjoyed it. Looking forward for the final release.

Thanks !
Was the game easy to understand ?
Any suggestions or dislikes ?

Love the game as you can see from the preview. A more cartoonish visuals will really go well with this game, but even in its current state, I think it has a great potential and I can’t wait for the full release. I will play with it more in the upcoming days and provide more detailed feedback. It’s great as it is and this is exactly that type of games that I enjoy playing, simple, challenging and fun games. I’ve read that this is your first VR game, so a really great job.

Hi guys,

I have the finished game ready for testing , if there is someone interested please let me know via private message or best on steam and I will send a copy your way :wink:

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thank you all for your support.

The game was just released on Steam, go get it :slight_smile:

Congratz my friend! downloading it now. :slight_smile:

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Amazing game thanks so much!

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Agree, most of the VR game that I enjoy playing are these type of room-scale games. That’s why I love VR technology so much, I enjoy playing games that I wouldn’t ever think about playing on a regular display.

I agree, boring PC-games can be epic VR-games if executed well :slight_smile:

I found myself enjoying more indie game then all the latest triple-A titles. Going to try this one out, looks fun.

The more games the marrier. Look forward both to triple A games for VR and a lot more indie :slight_smile:

Dev-kev, have you seen the resolution of the PSVR screen? I can’t find anything one the web that shows the difference in resolution between PSVR and other headsets, I am worry about pixelation ruing the experience.

Hi guys, I had just released a sequel to the popular game Egg Time.


Go get it while there is a discout :smiley:

I know how to spend the evening, thanks a lot :slight_smile: