Dungeons & Treasure VR roguelike v0.3a updated

We updated the demo to the next version. We have reworked and improved the dungeon generation system. We also added all locomotion types to the game. You can access the menu by clicking the menu button above the trackpad. You can choose then the desired locomotion type with the trigger button. We also fixed the controls for the oculus rift. If you need to swap hands with the oculus you have to open the menu and click the swap hands button.

Here are the changes:

*Added menu with locomotion selection (3 types) and switching hands
*Improved oculus controls
*All equipment now uses overheat
*Added 1 item drop
*Added heart container to secret rooms
*Changed how currency drops
*Added floating numbers for currency and dealt damage
*Redesigned and improved waypoints
*Reworked level generation

Free demo:



As always any feedback is welcome. If someone wants to share it on youtube, social media etc. feel free to do it, but mention that the game is in development!

Have fun!


This looks awesome, Iā€™m downloading the demo now.

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Let us know what you think about the game! Have fun!

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