Drive Club VR made GamesRadar feel motion sickness

It seems that you just can’t run from motion sickness when playing in VR. This issue is very real and some games can certainly lead to motion sickness for some people. GamesRadar tries Drive Club VR and even in the title and almost the entire review they talk about motion sickness they experienced while playing the game. It certainly a big issue, if it wasn’t they wouldn’t make all the review about it.

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I think that speed isn’t the strong part of VR, not in this generation at least. Not everyone suffers from it. The problem is that you need to experience it in first hand in order to see if the game causes motion sickness - and how you are going to do that exactly? This is the problem, you need to either pay a full price to buy the game, rent it, try a demo if available or visit a friend and try it out. This is why I think that people will think twice before buying a fast-paced game. If they experience motion sickness in one game, they might skip all the other fast-paced games all together, and you can clearly see where’s the problem here. This can certainly hurt sales and one of the reasons why most developers are focusing on slow-paced games. The problem is also that you can’t label it and rate it, because it’s subjective. I assume that if you try DriveClub VR or Eve Valkyrie and felt no motion sickness, you shouldn’t worry about motion sickness when buying VR games. Again, it’s a real problem in VR today, not just in PSVR, in other headsets as well.

Yeh, but what can they do, they develop racing games. I will definitely skip this one if I had the PSVR.

My friend play it without feeling any motion sickness, it’s very personal and each one experience it in a different degree.