Dragon Flight - Development and Feedback

I’m getting ready to launch a game called Dragon Flight this Friday (Oct 27 2017). It’s a fun project made in Unity, and initially available on the GearVR.

Brief Synopsis:
Dragon Flight allows you to soar on the back of a dragon, racing through rings, and collecting firepower to blast through enemies and targets. A light immersive experience to explore and discover what it is like to ride on a dragon. There are two other game modes which allow you to focus on just flying and exploring casually, or switch over to breathing fire, and enjoy your dragon’s endless destructive power. As you explore you’ll find several potions hidden throughout which allow you to customize your dragon’s appearance. Four different environments are available for you to explore. Which one is your favorite? Fly all the dragons today!

Website: http://www.bitsciencegames.com/

Video Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtCjgWXlCX0

I’d love to hear feedback, and thoughts. I’m currently working on the Multiplayer functionality for a subsequent version of the game, and am excited to maintain this moving forward. I’m also working on an AR Core implementation of the game so you can play the game without a headset and fly around with slightly different gameplay in your living room.

Thanks for having a look, and if you’d like a free copy here are 3 keys to try the game out before it launches in 4 days:


These are keys available for Oculus Gear VR. So to redeem them you’ll need to do so in the Android Oculus App.

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Thanks for sharing, I will add it to our index as soon as possible. Good luck!