Dragon Fist VR Kung Fu - Martial Arts VR Fighting Game for Meta Quest

Today I played Dragon Fist VR Kung Fu game on my Quest 2, using the Steam VR (PC) version of the game. This is a martial arts fighting game in virtual reality. You get into the shoes of different martial arts fighters to fight different AI enemies (the game is single-player only).

You can unlock different characters, each one with its own back story and strengths.

Each AI opponent has pressure points where you can aim using different attack styles and have unique effects, like damage over time (DoT), blind enemy, and so on.

I made a video review covering Dragon Fist VR Kung Fu so you can decide whether this game is for you. Just so you know, there is a demo version available via Steam, so make sure to check it out if you want to try a limited demo of the game for free.