Down & Out is a VR Game in which a player is a homeless person fighting to survive on the streets of the city

The goal is to be the richest, and meanest person in the neighborhood and reach max reputation. The player gets six tasks but can also do various free roam activities around the city which are a part of experiencing what people living on the streets go through in their lives.

The game takes a comical approach while empathizing with the lifestyle shown. The game is completely linear, apart from small player choices in regards to which quest or activity is done first.

Most of the world is interactable, allowing the players to explore the level with a more immersive feel. Apart from quests, the players can do side activities like play Basketball, pet/feed a dog, or just annoy NPC’s and take up a fight with them.

The game will be available for Steam, Oculus Rift, Quest, HTC, and possibly PSVR in early 2021.