Don't Knock Twice PSVR Review

Don’t knock twice is a new horror game set inside a creepy manor. Your main objective is to find items to perform a ritual. It’s quite a fun game overall and has some jump scares that will certainly get you, no matter how many horror games you have played! Take a look at my in depth review for more details :slight_smile:


I don’t get scared playing horror games, this is probably why I don’t bother playing them .I’ve also read that this game is very short and by doing speed run you can finish it in 30 minutes (regularly around an hour and a half). I also don’t like the teleportation mechanics in these type of games because it take out from the immersion. After you play a game like Resident Evil 7, it’s really hard to find a game that can get to its level.

I agree with the score given but it’s a good practice to also compare the game to other games in its genre so people know what to expect, just a recommendation. People usually can understand how good a game is once it’s compared to a game that they’ve played before. Many people played RE7 I’m quite sure.

It will also be nice to get to see some longer unedited footage without commentary so viewers can get a better feel of the game. I think the score is fair and accurate, but I wonder if seeing the movie adds anything to the experience itself.

It’s not a game that I would buy myself. Thanks for the review!

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Yeah, i can imagine a speedrun would be very quick. I do compare games now and then but often worry that it may be a game that some haven’t played before, but obviously you are right about res 7, most will have played that one.

Yeah, i’ve had a few people say that now, what i have been doing is leaving my livestream gameplay on the channel for a day or so, recently i haven’t been able to do many, simply because of all the games that have been releasing and i need to have a review ready.

I’m also interested in that, i have seen the movie get fairly bad reviews though.

Glad you enjoyed the review overall and thought the score was fair :slight_smile:

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Hi there @psvrworld, for me this game looks like yet another skippable psvr game. :weary: :confounded: :cry: Don’t Knock Twice looks like a game made by a lazy developer: just create a spooky dark place, put some minimal interactions and wrap it up with a few jump scares. I agree with @VR-Enthusiast that it’s hard for developers to compete against the same high standards as RE7. I can add more games to this list, like Wilson’s Heart, Affected The Manor, Paranormal Activity VR and Here They Lie, both are excellent horror games, some I’ve played myself.

Horror games should be among the best genres to play in VR but only a few developers were able to deliver a thrilling and mesmerizing experience like RE7 was able to do. Making a horror game in VR doesn’t guarantee immersion and suspense by default. Being locked behind a headset and headphones surely helps to improve the experience times fold, but based on recent reviews, Don’t Knock Twice failed to deliver upon those expectations. The game was developed by Wales Interactive, an award-winning developer with good experience in developing VR games, so I wonder what went wrong?

Oh, just one more thing, I think it would be nice if at the end of the video you put a list of the top 3 or 5 things you like and dislike about the game. In reviews some people like to just skip it to the end to see the score, not everyone has a lot of time watching long videos and some just want to read the bottom line. As always, thanks for putting up a great review.

Poor beep, why you make him scared like that, don’t you have any emotions? :slight_smile:

Beep, I mean @psvrworld :slight_smile: I’m thrilled to know what reviews are coming out next, care to share?

That’s unfortunate, there is a few other games coming out in September so hopefully one will catch your eye.

I’ve been hearing people are having trouble with the controls. It took me around 20 mins before i was flying around the house, but without sounding big headed, i would say i am slightly better playing games, than the average gamer.

I’m thinking about putting something like that on my website for each review i do. Quotes for and against that are taken from the video review. I don’t want to add them into the video, as it would break up the flow. If you didn’t already know, my website is I’m really busy the next couple of days but eventually i will add something like that on there!

No problem, i enjoy making the videos :slight_smile:

Beeps not all that innocent!

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:stuck_out_tongue: Manifest 99 and Radial G. Although the review for Radial G may appear a few days after the release unfortunately. I am also going to try and get an older game reviewed, which i haven’t decided upon yet :slight_smile: