Does Sony have any plans for new VR controllers?

Everywhere I read, people say that the move controllers are really bad for VR and it was a big mistake from Sony side not to make new controllers that are optimized for the PSVR. Does Sony plans to stick with the Move for the next couple of years or are there any plans for new controllers? I just can’t see myself investing int those controllers, but I’m sure developers will make some games that are meant to be used with them. The PSVR seems like a half-baked product, and the more that I’ve read about it, the more I feel that it might be better to save money and get the Oculus Rift instead.

In fact, there might be a Glove Controller and the PSVR Aim Controller is a new controller that comes bundled with the game Farpoint. I wouldn’t worry about the controller, Can’t see Sony putting itself so far behind the competition.

A gun-shaped controller is cool, but if you ask me, I think that Sony could have just created a plastic frame as the shape of a gun with slots for the move controller(s). I’m sure it’s also a good solution for Oculus Touch, because it feels more natural to play with that type of controller instead of two controllers that don’t create a true feeling of holding a weapon. By the way, I hate that light bulb at the front of the gun controller, really looks like a gadget from the 90s.

Didn’t hear anything.

I hope, the Move VR is old technology.