Does PSVR headset consumes a USB port on the PS4?

Guys, I wanted to know if the PSVR takes on USB slot on the PS4, does it mean that I only be able to use one USB port. I am asking this is because my audio headset is connected to my PS4 and because my controller battery is weak, I play with the controller being connected to the PS4 as well. So I think I’ll have a problem with the new PSVR when I buy it.

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One USB cable has to go to one of the two USB connectors in order for the PS4 to be able to talk to the PSVR headset through the PU. So yes, one USB port will be consumed. I don’t know if the gamepad game be charged through a computer USB, which might help you out if you have a computer or laptop nearby. I’ll check it out and get back to you.

You do have an option to attach an external USB hub like the Trust 198566 GXT 215 for example, that extended the PlayStation 4 to have 5 extra ports. I think that this can solve the problem, but just contact Sony and ask them if it’s fully compatible with the PSVR, I think it should, but I’m not 100% sure.

I see no reason why the HUB wouldn’t work with it. It should be fine.

I asked my friend this question and he said there shouldn’t be a problem using the hub, but again, he is not 100% sure. I also asked a game on eBay who bought, but those guys didn’t buy the PSVR.

You can charge the gamepad from the computer USB port, but for some reason when it was disconnected and I connect it to the computer, the UI didn’t respond to the controller when I woke it up using the PS button, I don’t know why.