Does PlayStation VR have noticeable pixelation?

I’ve heard that the PlayStation VR screen has noticeable pixelation , can anyone confirm this?

From what I know, the PS VR uses a 1920x1080 5,7" OLED display (960x1080 per eye). Just for comparison, The Vive has 2160x1200 pixels, 1080x1200 per eye. I can’t recall anyone complaining about being able to see the pixels on the Vive, but I do recall people saying that there were able to see the pixels when they tried the PS VR.


I’ve read quite a few comments of people complaining about grainy view with the Oculus Rift as well, although I didn’t tried it first hand. That’s what happened when you put a small screen so close to your face.

You can check out this post on The guy said, and I quote: “I do see pixellation but am not sure what the big deal is.”. I think that if you do focus on the bad you’ll definitely going to find it. So pixelation is there, but it’s not an issue. most people who tried the Rift and Vive really enjoy it, and I didn’t hear anyone complaining about pixelation so much. I assumed that it’s going to be worse on the PSVR display, but read this article, the display technology is very important, so I think that we can expect good visuals even though the resolution is slightly lower.

I believe it will, even the Oculus Rift has pixelation and you usually notice them with games where you focus on the Horizon consistently like car simulators. Is it a problem? depends who you ask, most gamers don’t mind that.

Take a look at this Oculus Rift simulator, it will give you a clue how the pixelation is like with the Oculus Rift.

Here’s the pixelation you can expect from the Oculus Rift CV1:

People say that when you move your head in the game, you don’t notice it that much. That being said, the stereoscopic experience is much better and therefore the pros outweigh the cons.

hope that helps.


A guy on YouTube was streaming Playing VR and I asked him if he sees any pixels, he said no. I think it’s not just about the screen resolution (per-eye) but it’s also related to the display’s technology. I hope someone has the PSVR and can give us a definite answer.

I’m also interested knowing this. There should be I think, if the Vive and Rift have, I can’t believe that the PSVR doesn’t.

LOL, no answer yet. Maybe there is something to hide :slight_smile:

I have the PSVR, there is pixelation, it’s always there though, still trying to play with the settings and see if I can change it, wondering if maybe 3D glasses would have any effect with it being a 3D display

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There is nothing to change, it’s just that the resolution per-eye is relatively low. Still the AMOLED display is very good for this purpose. In the future we’ll have 4K displays that will obviously make all the difference in the world and the viewing experience will be greatly improved.

When I get my pixel xl, i can try to give my subjective opinions between pixel xl and my nexus 5x. Unfortunately I won’t have a non-XL. Not sure how to provide objective comparison though, since it will just me putting the cardboard on and looking through the cardboard and trying to observe the differences in SDE.

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Exactly the question people asked @psvrworld , hope we’ll get an answer for that. I wish there was a way to simulate it, I don’t think the above simulator is really accurate.

People say there is pixelation, but it doesn’t interfere with the overall experience.

There is pixelation, even with the Rift and Vive, but yes, it doesn’t take from the experience. Of course next-gen headsets will be much better in that aspect.

Several years after, even the Quest 2 has pixelation but resolution is better and continue to improve. Even one wants pixelation to go away, there are much more expensive VR headset out there that offer higher resolution (For PC).

Pixelation or not, PS VR will grow only if a new headset comes out, a good one hopefully. I don’t think that many wil lby this PS VR, but wait until a new one comes that is optimized for the PS5 hardware. I own a ps4 and if I had to jump into vr from scratch, I would go with OQ2 and not PSVR. More games, more apps better controllers and overall better experience.