Does No Man's Sky PS4 and PC players share the same universe?

An article on iDigitalTimes raised an interesting question, asking whether No Man’s Sky PC and PS4 players will share the same universe? An interesting question indeed, but I asked a different question: does it really matter?

We know that the chance of players to actually meet each other vast NMS universe are very slim. So in fact, I actually look at this game as a single player. So for me it really doesn’t matter if it is shared or not. That being said, if both PC and PS4 players do share universe, there is a greater chance of them to actually meet, compared to two separated universes, each one for a different platform.

What do you guys think?

The original article on iDigitalTimes.

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Hi, Spook. It doesn’t really matter, to be honest because of the chances for two players to meet. I think that people just don’t know what else to ask about the game. Now for real, Is there any question that hasn’t been asked?