Does No Man's Sky have VR support and for which headsets?

I know that No Man’s Sky is going to be released for PC and PlayStation 4, but does it support VR and if so for which headsets.

From the moment I saw No Man’s Sky I knew that I’m going to play it on day one. I own a PS4 console, so obviously I won’t be able to play it with PlayStation VR even if the game supports it, but I am curious to know whether it will support VR for Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

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Nobody knows at the moment. Many do believe that No Man’s Sky should have been Sony’s flagship game for PSVR, but all know that the game will be released prior to PlayStation VR release date (October 13th).

The delay of the game made people think that Sony might opted to release the game with VR compatability, but it doesn’t make sense to add VR support now if the headset isn’t released. On the other hand, they might took time o make sure that the title is ready for VR when the PlayStation VR headset is released, we can’t really be sure.

Back in July 2015, Sean Murray hinted VR support with Project Morpheus (the codename before the official name was introduced in September 15th, 2015) in an interview with,

I believe that Hello Games did make sure that the game is VR-ready and I also do believe that it will get VR support when the headset is released. The game has a very long gameplay time, so it’s not that people will finish the game by the time the PS VR is released. I think that it can actually help to bring back players that might stopped playing the game, and continue playing it again in VR. It might even help sell more headsets, depends how good the title is turned out to be.

NMS is exactly the type of games that is perfect for VR due to its amazing atmospheric visuals and relatively slow-paced gameplay. I just can’t see a reason why we won’t see VR support, but I see many reasons why we will.

When they do release an announcement about VR support, trust me, you won’t miss it. You can keep an eye on the No Man’s Sky subreddit and on Gamespot. I check this sites daily to make sure I don’t miss anything.

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But will it flop? :smiley:

I think that many people, even with all the gameplay videos posted, just don’t understand how it would be like playing this game. I think that most people are more excited about the things that weren’t revealed - let me explain. I think that because of the mystery that Hello Games create surrounding their upcoming title, it makes people imagine things, they create fantasies, but at the end of the day, this is an exploration/crafting/survival game, simple as that. I don’t expect it to be anything more than that (OK, maybe a multiplayer mode in the center of the galaxy… LUL). If you like these type of game, you’ll love No Man’s Sky if you don’t you get bored with it pretty fast.

I think that many people that never played these type of games will buy it because they want to experience that amazing new procedurally generated world working in front of their eyes.

I personally prefer a small-scale world full of activities and most of all, playing with my friends. It holds especially true when playing a game on a large scale, I just don’t want to do it alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I will probably be among those who will give it a try on day one, just to see what the fuss is all about, maybe I’ll like it, maybe I won’t. I have a good feeling that Sean Murray knows what he is doing and many things have been added along the way. I’m sure they listened to the community and they added many features along the way.

So to your question…mmm… you probably know the answer if you asked it. For anyone who don’t know, here’s Sean Murray answer to TapsMan who asked him that exact question: “…will it flop?” and Sean answered:

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Don’t care, just release the game already :slight_smile:

I believe that VR support will be announced prior to PSVR launch, Sean Murray has been quite about it, but I have no doubt that Sony will want this game as part of its portfolio.

The answer is no. At least its most likely no. Sony would have shown it off as a system seller at E3 if it was. The team thats producing the game is extremely small, and PSVR desperately needs that “One” game that justifies its purchase. It would have been the only game in PSVR that would have been longer than 4 hrs. It is possible that they might do something like what they are doing with tomb raider, battlefield,call of duty, and final fantasy by having a one planet mission, but gamers are the only people who have talked about it. The sad thing about it is that the game itself needs to have more purpose than exploration, which can be boring, and from what the developers describe it sounds like all you are doing is RPG grinding without any more of a purpose than trying to get to the center of a galaxy, just to be there.

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Recently game is only on PS4 But Developers are experimenting this game with Oculus Rift VR Headset. May be it will be available soon in VR Headsets too.

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Planning to buy the PSVR, hopefully they’ll add support in the upcoming months.

By the time VR support comes (if it comes), nobody will be playing the game :slight_smile:

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I also have doubts that we’ll ever get to see a VR version of this game, could have looked great on VR though.

I’ve read on reddit that there are working on new content for the game, but it’s from one of the guys who works in the Hello games, not from Sean Murray, so I am kind of worried about the future of this game.

You know, I’ve read that Hello Games are working on a new update. It’s unofficial (not from Sean Murry himself), but many people on reddit say that they will come back to the game if Hello Games will add much more content to it, as they promised. But we definitely not going to get this game on VR anytime soon.

Such a shame, I really wanted to love this game, I did enjoy it only the first planet, but after a few hours I got bored and stop playing it. I agree that it could be an amazing VR game, but I don’t think we’ll ever get to see a VR version of the game.

I think we can be more optimistic! not sure about VR, but more optimistic about the future of the game. I bought and really hope to see more content.

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Wow, Sean Murray twitted after months. Only because of the Twitter account hacking. Oh well, at least something is moving. Also check out this article on

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That’s good news, but I really don’t get them not tweeting for two months, that was very weird.

I don’t know, their silence in the media since august scared me. I just don’t believe in them anymore.

Sean Murray’s Tweeter went on radio silence again :frowning:

Hello Games just published news about an upcoming update!!!

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