Do you plan playing non-VR games when PSVR is out?

There are so many great non-VR games coming out close to the PlayStation VR release date, so I wonder if you plan to buy PSVR, would you also play non-VR games or maybe skip PSVR due to the great non-VR games coming after the PSVR release?

For example, Battlefield 1 will be released on October 18, 5 days after the PSVR release, The Last Guardian on October 25th, Mafia III on October 7, etc. I also think that this might hurt PSVR sales, as players might prefer suspending their purchase for a later date and focus on playing some of these great AAA titles.

I can agree with you that some people that have a tight budget might prefer playing their favorite title than skipping it in favor of the PSVR. For example, I can’t see a Battlefield fan skipping on of the most anticipated title, Battlefield 1. That being said, PSVR will definitely go to bring a completely different experience, and I’m sure that many gamers already saved money for it in advance.

If I had a limited budget, and I am a Battlefield 1 loyal fan, I would probably postpone buying PSVR for a later date and play one of my most favorite series of all time, Battlefield. PSVR isn’t going anywhere, and I agree that it’s a hard decision. On the other hand, Battlefield 1 is still, although amazing, yet another FPS game. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would trade it in favor of a completely new experience that virtual reality brings. If you have a budget to buy the PSVR, I think it shouldn’t be a problem to buy a non-VR AAA game. In my opinion, many gamers will play both. If you have a VR headset it doesn’t mean that you have to play VR games all the time. It’s an accessory, a pretty expensive one, but you can play and enjoy both.

Of course, I’ll be playing both new PS VR games and Battlefield 1. There is no chance I’m skipping BF1. That being said, I think that evilbot means that if you had the PSVR, would you invest in a AAA VR and skip one of the upcoming triple-A titles coming in October? If had to choose, I would probably be playing a VR game like because I would want to enjoy this new medium from the get go. I wouldn’t have bought it just to let it get dust on the shelf.

Battlefield 1 looks so amazing. I just finished watching a BF1 closed alpha stream on Twitch streamed by summit1g. Everything about this game just rocks, the detailed environment, the weather, the water on the guns, the background smoke, the burning flames on the ground, the smoke effect, the destruction, the weapons, the panoramic view when flying an airplane - I just love it all.

Battlefield never looked so good. I am going to play it on the PS4, so I have some worries. I’m saying that because Battlefield 4 has many dropped frame rates, especially when playing 64-players, where there are many explosions taking place at the same time. This is certainly a game to play on PC with maximum graphics settings. Summit played it on his Titan X PC and this game just looks out of this world, and let’s not forget that Twitch videos are highly compressed, so it will look even better when played on your screen.

Looks like a superb game, I can’t understand any FPS fan who will skip this game in favor of an FPS VR game, this is as good as it gets for FPS in 2016.

I have a feeling that I am going to spend a great deal of time on No Man’s Sky.