Dino Frontier PSVR Review

Hey all, here is an in depth look at the building and resource gathering game, Dino Frontier. This review took so long to make, i really do hope this helps you out.


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B went against you, this little bastard. I do hope that you get time to also enjoy playing the game through, it’s hard putting reviews and enjoy games thoroughly at the same time (from experience). Great review, keep them coming!

Hey, I know hes terrible! Don’t worry i do get a lot of time to enjoy the games. Especially with this one, i was lucky enough to get a review code, so had it a few days early. I never put out a review without a lot of time spent playing them, if i start to find it stressful, having to play, as well as write, I have a break and come back to it later. I wouldn’t want my views to be affected by stress :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks! I’ll keep them coming for a while yet :slight_smile:

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