Difference between Asynchronous Timewrap and Asynchronous Spacewarp

From my understanding, the Oculus can use Asynchronous Timewrap (ATW) to produce 90fps from 45fps. I’ve heard that Oculus introduced a new technology called Asynchronous Spacewrap (ASW). So is this technology better and what it’s the difference between the two?

From my understanding, both suppose to do the same, produce in-between frames and give people with lower-end machines to enjoy 90fps gameplay. The ATW only forecast the next frame base on the rotation of the user’s head, whether ASW utilizes the motion, the camera movement, the movement of the touch controller and the players’ positioning in the physical space.

There is a great explanation here on developer.oculus.com. I hope it’s not too complicated, it was for me.

This video explains what is Time Wraping and how it actually works. It helped me understand a bit more about how these technologies work.


I saw this video. It’s the only one that helped me understand how this time wrapping works. I couldn’t understand anything from the textual information on Oculus website, was too complicated.