Did anyone hear about this hilarious game Mosh Pit Simulator?

Did anyone hear of the hilarious game Mosh Pit Simulator? It’s probably the worst game ever created, but I have to admit that it looks quite interesting, at least from the trailer.


From what I understand, it’s going to be a VR game, but the official website doesn’t mention for which HMDs. I assume it’s for Oculus and Vive because it’s a PC game

Looks quite unique isn’t it??

Yes, I heard about last year, just awful, a great way to get the attention of the media, but will you really want to play a game like that, seriously. That being said, I was lol when I first saw this trailer last month :slight_smile:

I’m sure it got the attention it needed and I’m also sure that many people will download it just to play “The worst game in the world”, or maybe we should actually call it “The worst VR game in the world”.

I don’t know about you, but it looks pretty awesome, I think many people will actually like it because it’s really kind of weird and funny.

LOL, check this out.