Devs aren't capitalizing on lack of Casual social VR games

I played quite a few games on my Oculus Quest 2. One of the experiences that are missing are social games. I am not talking about competing against Robolox or Rec Room, but small casual social games that we can play with or against other players from all around the world with continuous social interaction.

Games like Werewolves Within (PSVR), Poker VR, and the newly release Catalan VR–just a few examples.

Especially now with covid-19, more and more gamers would love to enjoy a great social game that they can casually play on their free time.

Indeed, games like Rec Room allow players to create their own games within a game but still there is a big room for perfecting specific social games, either bringing popular board or card games for example to the virtual reality space or create new cool games that a small group of people will enjoy playing together.

The thing is that there aren’t many, not for the Oculus Quest / Rift at least. When I saw Catalan VR today on the quest store I was happy.

If you are a developer, you need to know what there are big communities of players around certain games like board games. Those communities would love to enjoy a more intimate gameplay experience in VR, playing with their friends and other people from all around the world. They can be very committed and the game can be very successful if you target an enthusiast group for a specific already popular non-VR game or create a new one yourself.

I know that if I was to create a VR game, I would definitely make a social game. Some games are copyrighted so you can’t copy the idea and bring it to VR, others you can. I haven’t done the research yet but I know that there is a lack of these types of games and people want them especially at this coronavirus pandemic that might be with us for a long time.

I am talking about small games, for a small group of people so each interaction is more personal and it won’t turn into an endless talking and people talking over each other all the time type of experience. It should be a game that you can play with 2 and around 6 players. Should be a game that is addictive and easy to pick up.

I do hope to see more casual social multiplayer games for Oculus Quest / Quest 2 in the near future, I want them more than anything.

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To be honest, many games are bad, I get bored playing them after a few minutes. So many “experimental” indie games. Only once in a while comes a game that really nails it. I hope a new good FPS comes to the quest, hate all the other ones, really bad design. Social games would be cool and I agree with you on that point.