Daydream, Oculus Touch and PSVR - October 2016 is exciting!

October is going to be the most exciting month for VR, in which Google Daydream, Oculus Touch and PlayStation VR will be released. I think that with the PlayStation VR in the market, the VR industry will move forward much faster. It will be interesting to see how well the PSVR launch goes and what are the reactions of those who try it for the first time. There are close 40M PS4 consoles in the wild, and this means a huge sales potential for the PSVR.

The Oculus Touch will finally encourage developers to also either develop or patch their current games to support the new touch controllers. This means that we can expect to see many new Oculus Touch compatible games in the upcoming months and finally we can enjoy playing room-scale VR games with motion controllers with our Oculus Rift headset.

In my opinion, Daydream VR has a huge potential to become the first most popular mobile VR platform and beating Samsung in its own game. We can expect many more Daydream-compatible smartphone to be released this year and in 2017, and more and more people can enter the world of mobile VR.

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So excited as Iā€™m getting the PSVR for sure. Are there any current phones that are Daydream-ready on the market, by that time there should be quite a few.