Daydream debuting in a few weeks, but what about compatible phones?

Google Daydream is about to debug in the next few week according to this article on vrfocus. Finally we can have a mobile platform that can raise the standard of VR games. I’m sure that Google Daydream will be popular, although I haven’t seen so many phones compatible with the platform.

Nexus 6P was used to test Daydream games using the Daydream developer kit and the ZTE Axon 7 is the first Android phone to be fully Daydream compatible. Keep in mind that many of the high-end existing phones aren’t qualified as Daydream-ready phones.

This means that we probably about to see many new Daydream-ready phones launching in the upcoming weeks. I assume Google synchronized with phone manufactures, so when the platform is officially released, there’ll be phones to be compatible with it and people can start playing Daydream games as soon as it is released.

Anyways, it seems a bit odd that the platform is planned to be released so soon, but there aren’t so many phones that currently support it.

I think that by the end of the year will get to see quite a few of Daydream phones.