CyberDrifter - Retro style arcade shooter for Vive & Oculus

Hi, I’m the developer of CyberDrifter, a fast paced retro style shooter coming to early access in May 2017 for the Vive & Oculus Touch. I hope you’ll take a look and if you have any questions or feedback please let me know.


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Cyberdrifter is now available on Steam early access!

New trailer.

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New level and updates coming to Cyberdrifter next week! 25% saving in the Steam summer sale!

Teaser trailer

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How can I missed this game. I really like the neon-style design, it looks really interesting and I love the free movement. I’ll also make sure it’s added to our listing so more people can find about your game. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks SpookyFairy, that’s much appreciated!

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You welcome my friend - good luck!

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A new level for Cyberdrifter was released today and a new extended demo is also available!

New challenging level added to the roster which includes new enemies, new obstacles and a boss to take down!
New enemy encounters added to earlier levels!
And lots of other updates!

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I’m definitely going to take a look, thanks for the update!

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New big update to Cyberdrifter released!

New bots introduced with distinguishable features and abilities.
Visual updates throughout all available levels
New bullet effects and sound effects
Charge shot’s charge time decreased
Levels will now unlock for selection when they are entered instead of when they are completed.
Oculus Thumb stick to rotate option added
Snap turn rotation amount increased

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Superb, waited for this!

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Hope you enjoy it Lili92!

A new weapon is being tested at Cyberdrifter H.Q. and should be in the hands of the field team soon!

Hi all, I just popped in to let you know that the next level of Cyberdrifter is released next week and includes a new off hand weapon!

An Oculus Touch joystick control option will also be available and all the enemy A.I. has had an upgrade to be more agile and challenging!

I Hope you like it, have a great weekend.

Level 4 is now live!
Patch notes:
Level 4 is now available and the new off-hand weapon introduced!
Use the new weapon to catch enemy bullets and fire them back for 1 shot kills!
It also can act as a shield and is required to make progress throughout the new level to take out destructible scenery blocking your route.
(Level 4 is unlocked if you have previously reached level 3)
A short teaser of a new upcoming mode is available after completion!
Off hand weapon is usable in previous levels after unlock!
Movement speed options added
HTC vive trackpad control option added
Oculus Touch Joystick control option added
Snap & rotation controls swapped over to main hand (Oculus)
Full single screen mirror now enabled for Oculus
Difficulty balancing tweaks throughout all levels
Bot A.I. upgraded to be more agile
Bots no longer get one last shot after being destroyed

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New content update coming to Cyberdrifter next week!

New Cover Art 467x181

New gameplay trailer

New look tutorial with new training areas.
Level 1 extended with a new opening.
New laser room to navigate.
New boss battle.
New deflecting bullet shield introduced.
Gun upgraded with laser targeting.
Level 4’s destructible blocks tweaked for the new shield addition.
Health, ammo & shield distributing arcade cabinets introduced.
Gun ammo is no longer unlimited.
Ammo can now be replenished from ammo drops & pick ups.
Slo-mo is now activated via a pick up or enemy drop.
Forward movement from controller direction or head direction added to options.
Snap turn now rotates in smaller faster increments.
More movement speed options added.
Reverse movement button added.
All options now save & display correctly between sessions and levels.
Graphical enhancements & performance tweaks added throughout.