Cross-platform VR game is a way to solve VR users shortage

Hi Guys,
I am Temo from Black Shark Studio. We are developing an Cross-platform FPS VR game V OF WAR now. Cross-platform means VR users and PC users can play in the same server and in the same battle. It is an new concept which is based on solving the problem of vr user shortage. And it will bring more fun to players.

Alternatively, PC and VR users would play different roles in the game, and we are seeking to get the best experience of both by optimal mechanic design.
For example, in ideal situation, VR users shall be mostly using mecha skills, while PC users would be masters of weapons.This is the fisrt generation of mecha we are developing now and almost done.

And here is the link on steam:
And our social media:
V of War Community - YouTube
Any question or suggestion please feel free to let me know. Wanna here your voice.
Sincerely yours.

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