Creating your own Anime movies in VR - Kawaii Anime Girl

Thinking about creating your own anime (Japanese comics) movies? Well, it might be easier and more accessible than you think using PlayAniMaker. A VR app for Oculus Quest 1 and Quest 2 that do just that.

Basically, you can control the anime figure (or any other important character, doesn’t have to be anime) using simple and intuitive controls. Either by keyframe animation or getting into the anime girl character herself and animate her using the Quest controllers and head and head movement.

There are a large set of features, although the version I tried is a beta version. This includes: green screen, keyframe animation, blink, move the camera, hair animation, control the lighting, face animation (E.g. smile, angry, etc), and more.

The shader leads to a very comic-looking character and once you add your own background to replace the green screen, you can easily create your own anime videos very fast using PlayAniMaker.

You can download PlayAniMaker via the Oculus Quest store for free (AppLab). Enjoy.