Console Marinez - a new comedy animated VR series

Just heard about Console Marinez, a comedy VR series from Brain Zoom Studios. I don’t know about you, but that Darth Vader character with the mustaches and the pink underwear is so funny I just couldn’t stop laughing.

All the other characters are so well made, I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing VR series. The series tells the story of a gaming world in which AI and technology had gotten aware of themselves and they are also aware what the real people are doing in the real world. They want to protect their world by stopping us from destroying our world, which will cause their world to vanish as well.

The main character in Console Marinez is called Percy, a gamer who infiltrated the gaming world with a sole goal to stop the video game scoundrels from getting into the real world and transmuting it into a virtual game.

The series is made of 360 videos and can be viewed with VR headsets and 360-degree video viewers. The series is being created by Brain Zoo, who did animations for many popular games, including Gear of War, Warhammer 40,000, Borderlands and many others.There is going to be lots of action, adventure and plenty of laughs, a great VR series for both children and adults alike.

Can’t wait for it to come out!

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You need to view this video on YouTube, it’s not embeddable. Anyways looks so cool, somewhat reminds me of the movie Spaceballs (1987) that guy with the Darth Vader helmet - can’t wait!