Comfortable Head Pad and Anti-Sweat Eye Mask Cover for Oculus Quest 2

Today I got comfort-improving accessories for the Oculus Quest 2 VR glasses in the mail. I ordered it from eBay. It comes with two items, a comfortable head pad to support the back of the head and a silicone breathable eye mas cover.

The facepiece was designed to go over the original cloth cover. It can absorb oil and sweat, so this one solves it. It prevents sweat from getting into the headset as well. Another advantage is silicone for the nose area that makes it more comfortable to use if your nose touches the plastic part that surrounds the Oculus Quest 2 lenses.

It all cost me around $10 and I didn’t know if it’s going to be good or not. After a quick installation, I tried it and it was just perfect, both comfort Quest 2 accessories made wearing this VR headset much more comfortable.

An anti-swear material for the eye mask cover is important if you plan to do fitness exercise in VR. None of these items is adjustable but it just perfect as it goes over the current straps and the original Quest 2 Facial Interface.

You can buy a replacement from the Oculus Store but it’s much more expensive. If you are searching for cheap Oculus Quest 2 comfort improving accessories, these are amazing and I highly recommend buying them.